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Artist Bio

With an innate passion for the fluid and unpredictable—coupled with a whole lot of creative curiosity—I have explored painting with both encaustic medium, and more recently, with alcohol inks.

The encaustic process:
I discovered encaustic painting and fell in love with the smell of the melted beeswax and the warmth of the hot plate. This painting process requires layers of molten wax to be meticulously applied, manipulated, and fused with a blow torch. With each layer, I apply color using a “finger-painting” method, which is quite fun and brings me back to the joy of my childhood art classes.


The alcohol ink process:

I use a very spontaneous process while working with alcohol inks. I am fascinated by the interplay of the pigments, the fluidity of the movement as they merge, blend and cascade across the surface. I try to embrace the unpredictability of the inks, allowing the colors to blend organically and tell their own stories.


About me:

I am an avid painter, dog lover, and frequent traveler. I graduated from Pratt Institute with a Bachelor of Fine Arts.



Encinitas City Hall

Encinitas Community and Senior Center
Torche’ Galerie

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